{savanah & mat | preview}

Meet Savanah and Mat...not Matt ;) 

They are a super cute couple...and as it happens it is Savanah's 23rd birthday today! Happy Birthday!! Savanah has such a natural beauty and such a sweet smile. Mat is a quiet brave soul and they are so compatible.

 The lighting was magical this evening...and the photos are fab!


Savanah's hair had a mind of it's own....as the awesome train went WHOOSHING by....  


Such fun with the fam on Easter...

All of us....

My adventurous birds nest cake...it was so much trouble.  Since there was no recipe or instructions...that made it much easier! 

Emmy's Frankenstein egg 

Egg rollin time....go LIL!!

Mine is the pretty purple polka dotted one... :)


{ballou family}

This great family has so much personality...and Sarah is just adorable.  Her parents obviously adore her!  Dora is VERY important to Sarah as she is in many of the pictures ;)

Such fun with the Kevin, Ashley, Sarah (and sometimes Dora)!  

{linn family}

This family is absolutely adorable!  I loved being able to take their pictures for the second year in a row.  Their 3 boys are sweet and so much fun to take pictures of!  The prospect of ICE CREAM at the end of the session kept the boys smiling and full of energy!